How To Join

Who Is Eligible

If you are a vendor at Canton's First Monday Trade Days or own a business in the area you are eligible to join Trade Day Navigator. Currently listings are $12 a month per location.

What you need to do

It is quick and easy to join. There are only two steps. First, subscribe for each location you would like listed. Second, send us your business information via email.

Step 1: Sign UP

Sign up using the button below. This will take you to our sign up page where you can choose to subscribe monthly or annually.

Step 2: Send Business Information

Now that you have an active subscription send the following information to

  1. Your Business Name
  2. Location, Booth Number(s), Building, Space(s)
  3. Highest Quality Logo
  4. Highest Quality Banner Picture (A pic of your location is recommended)
  5. Vendor Type: Example: (Antiques, Jewelry, Bullion, ect.)
  6. Key Words (These will be things people search when in the app) Examples: (Paintings, Clothing, Lemonade, ect.) up to 12.
  7. Social Media, Website (Will not be posted right away but we can pull logos and pics from here if needed).

We will review your information and include your business in the next release of the app.

Manage Subscription

If you are already subscribed and would like to manage your subscription use the button below to go to the management portal.

Need Help

If you have any questions or need assistance please reach out via email at or by phone/text at 903-287-0557. We are happy to help.